Wide Compatibility
Coding Express is compatible with many other train tracks from brands like Thomas 7 Friends, BRIO and IKEA. The limitless track layouts could not only promote children's DIY abilities but also bring them endless fun while playing.
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Coding Express

  • Metal Education Robot
  • Innovative New-Arrivals
  • Electronic Modules
  • Programming Tools & Tutorials

Metal Block Robot Kit:

Unleash your Creativity

With 50+ robot forms that support 100+ electronic modules, we inspire our customers to build and code their own robot creations to life.

Taking Visual-Programming to the next level

We believe everyone can code, even preschool kids.

Coding can be as easy as arranging cards on the table.

Customize Your Robots

We provide 100+ electronic modules that allow your robots to be as unique and as special as you are!

Easy to Use and Easy to Learn

Coding with our platform and software is easy, educational, and fun! Students of all ages can use our products to learn how to code using Scratch and Python on Arduino hardware.

Learn with Robobloq

  • Learn while playing at home
  • Learn while cooperating in class
  • Learn while competing

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Innovative Product Line

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