Robobloq for Mobile
The Robobloq app is your playground to harness the fun with Robobloq robots. Multiple playing modes make the best of the sensors and electronic modules. Create your own application with drag-and-drop coding environment!
MyQode for PC
Customize your own Robobloq robot to the core! MyQode for PC provides both drag-and-drop and traditional coding environment. Become a robot master!
Qobo for pc
Besides supporting Puzzle-card coding, Qobo robot can be coded by QOBO software as well which is Scrach-Junior based. Connecting Qobo with PC by the cable in the box simply, you can enjoy a new journey of PC coding.
Maps for Qobo
Besides the global map inside the package,we also provide different kinds of maps for downloading and printing, which enrich children’s journeys of discovery.These maps include Sea world, Dinosaur Park ,and Planet Journey