Sensors Series
Light sensor
The light sensor is developed based on the principle of photoelectric effect of semiconductors. It can be used to detect the intensity of ambient light. It is usually used to create interactive projects that produce special effects with changes in light intensity, such as smart desk lamp robots, chasing robots, ect.
PIR motion sensor
The PIR motiom sensor is a sensor for detecting infrared radiation emitted by a human or animal body, and can be used for a variety of human or animal mobile triggering scenes.
Sound sensor
The sound sensor can be used to detect the sound intensity in the surrounding environment. It can be used to interact with sound project such as voice activated robot.
Ultrasonic sensor
The Ultrasonic sensor is a module for detecting the distance between the obstacle in front and the modules. It enables the robot to perceive the surrounding environment through the sonar like a bat. Through the control of the motor, the robot can automatically avoid obstacles.
Temperature and humidity sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor is a sensor that contains the output of digital signal, it uses the specific technique of temperature and humidity sensing, to assure its high reliability and outstanding cyclic stability, it detects temperature and humidity changes in the surrounding environment.
Line follower sensor
The line follower sensor can help the robot to track white lines or black lines (black lines on a white background or black lines on a white background can be detected). The module has two infrared sensors with low delay and can detect the status of ground lines in real time.
Color sensor
The color sensor is a full-color color sensor that includes a TAOs TCS4725RGB sensor chip and two white LEDs and level shifting circuits. It can detect purple, yellow, red, blue, green, and white colors within 10mm range. The color sensor can also be used as a grayscale sensor to identify the color depth.
Gyroscope sensor
The gyro sensor is a sensor for sensing the change of the special position of the robot. It includes a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis angular velocity displacement changes of the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis in space. It can be used to do self-balancing car robots, motion monitoring in wearable devices, and Scratch 3.0 to do virtual and realistic interactive games.
MP3 Module
The MP3 module is a common sound module that can be used to play various animals sound effects, mechanical sound effects, and songs. Combining the robot's actions, light effects with this module, all kind of applications will be vividly displayed. The module supports two modes. APP mode: Users can use APP to play various sound effects, songs, and recording files in real time. TF mode: Plays songs in the extended SD card.
Sensors Wiki
To learn more about the details to each sensor, and how to use them, check out our wiki!