Drag and Drop Coding

Programming Starter Kit

Learning programming has never been this fun before!

Robobloq's MyQode

Scratch Graphical Programming

Design more interesting games and let all your painted animation characters come alive.

Switch to the Arduino

High level programming languages

Q-Dino can perform actively and execute different instructions set by users.

App Control

Equipped with powerful motor and shiny aluminium alloy coats, Q-Dino can be controled remotely through the app and your computer.

Smart Avoidance

Q-Dino is an intelligent robot that can detect and avoid any objects in front of it, so set it free, it won't get hurt or hurt any furnitures.

Light Show

Q-Dino's eyes can perform abundant light effects. Red or blue, short or long, users can create a fasinating light show through coding .

Music Playing

Under the Music mode, Q-Dino is a talented robotic dinosaur that can sing a song for you! Users can also play a tune through the app.

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App Control
Smart Avoidance
Led display
Line Tracking
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