About Robobloq

As a leading STEAM robotics company, Robobloq is dedicated to empowering STEAM

educators all over the world to take STEAM education to the next level, by providing affordable smart tools,

and high-tech robotics solutions.

Our Team
Robobloq has a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for revolutinizing the education system and bringing STEAM education to the next level.We strive to motivate and inspire our customers, regardless of their age, to create something new, something cool, and something beautiful.
CEO Jerry Wang
Robobloq empowers kids and students to develop hands-on abilities and coding skills, bringing their innovative ideas to life.
We aim to cultivate a dynamic environment in which our customers are excited about learning, exploring, and creating.

We are currently selling our products in over 50 countries and regions.

Our goal is to continue expanding worldwide while continuing to provide one-step STEAM Education solutions for all STEAM enthusiasts, helping creators bring their brilliant ideas to life.