• Outdoor Control

    Equipped with powerful motor, shiny aluminium alloy coats and stable rubber tires, Q-scout is able to run indoors and outdoors through the app remote control.

  • Line Tracking

    Players can customise Q- scout's running path by using black tapes or drawing black lines, so design your routes with imagination and let Q-scout catch up!

  • Light Show

    Q-scout can perform abundant light effects. Red or blue, short or long, users can code them in whichever the way you like.

  • Music Mode

    Learn the basic musical notes in the app or choose a song from Q-scout's music library. Get the party started with Q-scout!

  • Obstacle Avoidance

    Q-scout is an intelligent robot that can detect and avoid any objects in front of it, so set free to your Q-scout, it won't get hurt or hurt any furnitures.

  • Awesome DIY Kit

    Q-scout is designed to enhance children’s confidence through the hands-on learning. Just immerse yourselves in the joyful moment of assembling!

  • Strong Compatibility

    Q-Scout are compatible with all major mechanical building block sets in the market, such as LEGO. Children can design and decorate their own Qoopers.

  • Expansion Package

    Matched with Robobloq's expansion packages, Q-scout can transform into over 10 robots with different structures.

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Smart Avoidance
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Line Tracking
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