Qoopers Programmable Building Robot Kit

  • Qoopers can transform to 6 robots with different forms: the Captain, the Scorpion, the Voyager, the Guardian, the Dozer and the Cavalier, which brings lots of fun to the play. The assembling of Coopers are easy and friendly for both children and adults, players can complete the building within an hour based on our 3D instruction manual.
  • Qoopers can be programmed on many devices including phones, pads and computers. From the basic visual programming Scratch to the high-level programming language of Arduino and Python, Qoopers are the perfect study companion for children.
  • Remote Control by App

    Download Robobloq app to realize Qoopers's remote control, give diverse and self-written instructions for Qoopers to execute, turn left or move forward. The full tutorial videos are available on Robobloq YouTube Channel.

  • Obstacle Avoidance

    Equipped with the intelligent ultrasonic sensor, Qoopers are able to detect and avoid any objects in front of it. Though Qoopers are smart and strong, please try not to hurt your Qoopers or your furniture. Just enjoy the play!

  • Music Mode

    Let Qoopers sing a song for you, play the basic musical notes in the app or choose a song from the music library. Get the party started with Qoopers by matching with its other functions!

  • Remote Control by App

    With the equipment of the LED Matrix, Qooper is a sentimental robot that can show many rich facial expressions. Happy,angry or sad, you can draw the emojis you like through the app.

  • Remote Control by App

    Differing from other general plastic robot kits, Qoopers are made of high quality and durable aluminium alloy material, which allows it to realize any difficult obstacle avoidance.

  • Remote Control by App

    Qoopers can perform abundant colorful light effects. Players can also customise and code its light color, flash frequency, duration and much more interesting effects.

  • Remote Control by App

    Qoopers are compatible with all major mechanical building block sets in the market, such as LEGO. Children can design and decorate their own Qoopers with their imagination.

  • Remote Control by App

    Do you want to form a robotic band? Much more electronic accessories and firmwares with different functions are waiting in Robobloq for you to create more innovative robots.

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