Five reasons why you should buy Coding Express

Preparing a Christmas gift for kids this year? Why not consider the new product from Robobloq Coding Express, an adorable, intelligent programmable train that can fullfill children's all fantasies of owning an amazing wooden train set.

Here are five reasons why you should buy Coding Express!

Are you tired of moving your toy train by hand? Attributed to: libraryrachel

1.Various Interactive ways

Are you tired of moving your toy train by hand because it doesn't have a flexible "steering wheel" or a clever "driver"? Unlike the traditional train sets, Coding Express is equipped with various build-in sensors and abundant accessories. The smart train can be played both on the track and off the track under the control of colored inductive sticker, whistle and even our hands.

2.High-quality Material

Designed with bright yellow and fresh green, Coding Express is an eye-caring high-tech toy train for preschoolers above three years old. The matchedd over 2 meters long train tracks were made of the European high quality beech wood which is safe, smooth and environmental friendly.

The train tracks of Coding Express can be built in many different structures.

3.Strong Compatibility

Coding Express’s train tracks are also compatible with IKEA's and BRIO's wooden train set, allowing the children to assemble the tracks together to build a longer train journey. The design of peg points and magnet on the train also allow players to decorate their train freely.

4.Play-based Learning

Coding Express is an intelligent toy train set, designed to offer children the elementary coding knowledge while playing. By using the inductive stickers, children could not only have color and direction learning, but also improve their logical thinking during the immersed education.

5.International Brand

Robobloq is a leading STEAM education company that dedicates to producing creative and innovative robotic products for children worldwode. With the deepening of the Artificial Intelligent times, Robobloq believes STEAM education is a well-integrated approach for children to combine their knowledge with the practical world through their imagination and creativity.