Robobloq Qoopers
Take you beyond imagination

Programmable Metal Robot Kit

Drag-and-drop Programming

Summon your robot troop! Build your favorite robot with 174 metal and electronic parts, then control it with your phone! Command complex tasks with easy drag-and-drop programming! Wanna go deeper? Go professional by customizing its Arduino core!

Metal Body, Transformable
The feel of metal is essential for a robot, and Qoopers has a shiny, robust finish with its aluminium body. It's a pleasure building it. There are 6 official forms to build, while you can definitely explore the possibilities beyond.
Be Creative and Beyond
A showcase of user-created shapes of Qoopers.
Remote Control, on the App
There's 10 meters for Bluetooth connection, while the joy is endless. Be amazed at how electronic parts work together, bringing a show of friendly technologies.
Drag and Drop, and Code
Do programming on the phone, by dragging command blocks into a chain. It's readable, easy to learn and it gives you focus on programmatic thinking.
Explore the Metal Building Platform
It's not just Qoopers, it's a platform where parts and sensors expand, so is your robot, your robotic knowledge and your engineering future.

Qoopers is a source of STEM* knowledge, underneath its friendly-looking appearance. Play Qoopers and grow multiple talents!

More About Qoopers
Programming with Qoopers