Robobloq Q-scout
Take you beyond imagination

Programmable Metal Robot Kit

Drag-and-drop Programming

Q-scout is your best company into the robotic world: adorable design appeals to every kid; The building process is enjoyable and less than 30 minutes; Enjoy all tech fun on the App with line tracking and ultrasonic obstacle avoiding; Learn programming with an easy drag-and-drop coding interface!

Metal Blocks for a Smiling Robot
The use of aluminium delivers a true feel of robot; Big eyes and a smile brings you close to the robotic world.
The Fun of Tech
Connect with Robobloq App and enjoy playing with sensors and electronic modules in a fun way!
Drag-and-Drop, Code Easily
Do programming on the phone, by dragging command blocks into a chain. Needless to learn grammar and focus on logic, effectively grow programmatic thinking!

With Robobloq products, curriculums and competitions, there's always a path to nurture your interest and craft your skills.

Cross-Subject Education Solution
Robobloq Q-scout is a hardware platform designed for STEM* Education. The future world needs a multi-skilled you.
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