Who is Qobo?
Qobo is designed for kids from 3 to 8 to get enlightened by coding education. It can be easily coded by Robobloq Puzzle Cards with different signs and meanings which can be recognized by the smart probe underneath the Qobo.It is easy and safe for kids to play with and get both educational and entertainment benefit.
Puzzle Card Coding
Adventurous with Qobo by tangible coding ! Innovative programming by coded Puzzle Cards to move, sing, flashing and interact. One card-One world. Attach your growth and learn with fun.
Intelligent Human-Robot interaction ,Kids learn through playing,seeing and coding the Robot.
Game Lessons
The tutorial meets the US CSTA K-12 Computer science standards.
Qobo Play Map
The Play Map provides a playful setting for Qobo to execute.Adventurous with Qobo by tangible coding.Attach your growth and learn with fun.
Coding Made as easy as a Puzzle
Coding from Simple to Advanced
PC advanced coding brings new learning experience.
Multi-subject Enlightenment
Music notes card and 15 Songs for all beginner music students.
Exhibitions and Shows
Packing List